Personalized Storybooks

I love giving books as a gift, and I love a personalized gift…so, when you combine the two, it’s a home run!

The one pictured above features your child in an adventure at the zoo!

They have over 30 stories to choose from, start at $19.95, and you can check them out here: Frecklebox Personalized Storybooks

Born in the USA

What better way to show your patriotism then with SHOPPING?!

I love supporting companies that manufacture in the US, and now I’ve found an entire website dedicated to just that!

OH SAY USA, features only products made in America.  From Cooking tools, to Jewelry, they’ve got you covered!

According to Oh Say USA, here is why you should buy American Made:

1. To help our neighbors by stimulating job growth in the USA

2. To renew a sense of pride and opportunity in America

3. To provide a livable wage for Americans

4. It’s environmental & saves money since the goods last longer

5. To ensure products meet USA safety standards

Happy 4th Everyone, and Happy Shopping! :)


NOW, we can have our cookie dough and EAT IT too!

No more raw egg concerns with Edoughble: eggless cookie dough – meant to be eaten raw!

Edoughble comes in classic flavors like chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin, as well as novelty flavors like birthday bash, and S’mores.

Each 8oz container contains all natural ingredients, and is $8.  There is also a cookie dough of the month club!

Check it out here: Edoughble – ready to eat cookie dough

Photo Credit: ViralNova

Cloud 9

I am ALL about the experience gift – and finally there is a nationwide company that can help you give a thoughtful and memorable experience to someone you love.

Choose from action and adventure (racing, flying,etc), city tours, spa packages, cruises, hot air balloons (the list goes on and on)!

Create the perfect experience gift  - simply choose the location and type of experience you are looking for and they do the rest!

Packages start around $50 (depending upon the experience), and you can check them all out here: Cloud 9 Living: Create a Memory, Give an Experience


Bandi Wear

So, most of us remember fanny packs ..and, in all honesty now that I’m a mom, I sort of MISS them!  As ugly as they were, they were sure convenient!

Well, the fanny pack has gotten a makeover – introducing The Bandi Wear Pocket Belt

The sleek belt features a pocket big enough to hold your smartphone, keys, money, and ID.  Perfect for a jog or errands on the go!

The classic belts start at $30 (and they also have pocket headbands as well)!

Tiggly Words

Looking for an educational gift for a child age 4-8?  Then, look no further then Tiggly Words:  an interactive tablet toy that will have your child learning and playing at the same time!

Tiggly Words comes with 5 silicone vowels that are integrated with 3 learning apps (which are included in the price of $29.95).  It doesn’t require wifi or a special battery to use, and it is compatible with most tablets!

There is also a shapes and numbers version! To learn more, click here: Tiggly Words- a smarter way to play

Handbag Light

If you carry a handbag, then you’ve probably been in the situation where you resort to dumping out the entire contents of the bag to find what you’re looking for…

Well, not anymore with SOI: the first automatic handbag light.

SOI weighs only 48g, and works with sensory technology to detect when you are approaching the inside of the handbag.  The LED light goes on and automatically shuts off (after a specific amount of time).   It is $34.95, and you can check it out here: The Grommet

Mickey Pops

I made these adorable Mickey Oreo Pops for my daughter’s birthday a few weeks ago.  They require very few ingredients, were super simple to make, and went perfectly with the Mickey Mouse Theme!

Here is what you will need:

1.  Double Stuffed Oreos

2.  Mini Oreos

3.  Lollipop Sticks (I used paper straws)

4.  Frosting

5.  Chocolate (for melting) and Sprinkles (for decorating) – optional

6.  Cake Pop Stand (optional)

- Open Oreo and place lollipop stick in the center

- Open mini Oreos and scrape off two mini Oreos on the large Oreo (push into the cream)

- Cover the bottom of the “ears” and middle with frosting

- Place the other half of the large Oreo on top (press down – but not too hard).

- Place in the fridge to set (for about one hour)

- Melt chocolate

- Dip Mickey pops into chocolate and coat with sprinkles

- Place in the fridge to set (for at least an hour) – ENJOY!

TIP:  I used a disposable cake pop stand to keep the pops separate and upright while they were setting.

Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

STILL need a gift for Dad?!  Well, I’ve got 6 gifts that you can print out right NOW and give to Dad tomorrow:

Dollar Shave Club:  for as little as $3, Dad can have new razors monthly

Trunk Club: update his wardrobe with new clothes every month

Mantry: full size artisan food products delivered monthly

Taster’s Club:  for the whisky lover

Spotify:  Dad can stay current with this awesome music subscription service

Oyster:  unlimited digital books for the avid reader

Happy gifting, and Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads out there! :)

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Father’s Day is around the corner, and I’ve got you covered!  From techies to foodies, here are some of my favorite Father’s Day gifts this year:

1.  Beer Bottle Label show dad you love him with custom beer bottle labels – 15 for $11.99

2.  Matching Tees:  One for Dad, and one for Baby – $40.19

3.  Driftwood Dock:  handcrafted iphone dock made from natural driftwood – $88

4.  Beer Cap Map:  cool artwork lets Dad keep track of his favorite brews – $34.99

5.  Sprezza Box:  keep Dad’s wardrobe fresh with this awesome accessory subscription box – $28+

6.  Lego Mug:  for the big kid, who likes his coffee $14.99

7.  DIY Soda Pop:  cute and simple DIY gift idea

8.  Bacon Club:  two packs of bacon, delivered monthly $49.95

9.  Whiskey Stones:  beautiful granite ice cube set $34.95