DIY Trick or Treat

These are not your grandmother’s popcorn balls!

Send some Halloween cheer to someone you love with this adorable Popcorn Ball Decorating Kit!

The kit comes with 8 gourmet popcorn balls, and a plethora of candy treats to make spooky ghost and goblin creations!

It is $29 and you can check it out here: Halloween Popcorn Balls Decorating Kit 

If you don’t have time to order these cuties, here is a recipe for easy / kid friendly popcorn balls.

Enjoy! And Happy Halloween! :)


‘Tis the season…to start entertaining! And how cute and clever are these?

We’ve all been at a party trying to juggle food in one hand and a drink in the other – problem solved with these wooden trays!

They are $30 for a set of 4, and you can check them out here: Wine and Appetizer Trays

Fair Treasure

I love a gift that gives back, and this month I am excited to announce that we are partnering with a fabulous organization that does just that!

Fair Treasure is a subscription service that curates fair trade products from around the world and delivers artisan goods right to your doorstep!  One month you might receive a pillow from Peru, the next month, a necklace from Nepal – each item is hand-crafted, unique, and follows the fair trade guidelines.

October happens to be Fair Trade Month, and for the next three months, I will be receiving a Fair Treasure subscription box and giving you a sneak-peek at what’s inside!

This month’s box has a gorgeous bamboo bowl and hand-beaded bracelet:

The bowl was handcrafted by a Vietnamese nonprofit that focuses on employing ethnic minorities (the majority of which are women).  I was truly taken aback by the stunning quality of this bowl:

Also featured in October’s box, is this gorgeous bracelet that was hand-beaded in Southeast Asia.  Each bracelet is crafted with vegan leather and semi-precious crystals:

Fair Treasure subscription boxes can be given in one month – twelve month increments, and prices range from $35 – $385.

I truly love this gift idea.  Not only are you supporting fair trade artisans around the globe, you can be confident in knowing that you are giving truly beautiful and unique pieces to someone you love!

Be sure to check back next month to see what is in the November Fair Treasure Box!


EZ Socks

This product should definitely go in the “why didn’t I think of that” category.

EZ Socks are adorable kid-friendly socks, that have a secret feature that makes them unique: two loop holes at the top.

If you are a parent to a toddler, you know just how frustrating the “I can dress myself” phase can be, especially when it comes to the socks.  These socks have two loops sewn into them that makes it a breeze for the child to pull on!

They come in a ton of adorable designs, and start at $10 for a two pack.

Check them out here: EZ Socks


If you have a biker in your life, then THIS is the gift for them!

Rickshaw Bags are made out of a revolutionary performance tweed, allowing light to reflect off of the bag.

They are currently on Kickstarter trying to bring this idea to market (they have exceeded their goal), and there are 16 days left to grab one of these bags for under $100!

Clikc here to learn more: Reflective Bags by Rickshaw Bagworks


There are 23 days until Halloween! Check out these adorable Etsy finds to add a little flair to your Halloween:

1. Pumpkin Teeth:  deck your jack-o-lanterns out with some scary teeth! A 3-pack is $7

2. Witches Feet: super cute handmade shirt with bows $11.99

3. Custom Sign: show some family spirit with this customized rustic sign $39.99

Check out Etsy for more cute Halloween finds! :)


Think Pink

There are many products out there that support Breast Cancer research, and since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought I would feature one of my favorites.

Chan Luu is known for making gorgeous wrap bracelets among other beautiful accessories, and they have a great line that benefits Breast Cancer Research.

Bracelets range from $20 – $345, and 50% of the sales benefit

Check out the entire collection here: Chan Luu Breast Cancer Collection

DIY Bow Cage

If you are a Mama to a little girl, then you (like me) have BOWS and HEADBANDS everywhere! I was unaware of this problem, and really had NO idea what to do with all of them, until I came across this creative solution on Pinterest:  The Bow Cage

This might be the simplest DIY I’ve ever attempted.  Here is what you need:

1. A Birdcage (I purchased mine from Michaels for $7.99).

2. Spray Paint (although the cages from Michaels were pretty, I wanted mine to be a little more polished).

3. BOWS (we have a ton of these – and I can’t stop buying them)!

Simply spray the cage with the spray paint, and allow to dry for 24 hours.  Clip bows on the outside (you can also put them inside as well).  Hang from the ceiling with a hook, or place on a dresser / table to display.

Here are a few pics of the finished product:

This would also make a super cute baby / birthday gift! Let me know if you make your own bow cage, and email / tweet me a picture of how it turned out!


Alter Ego Mugs

How CUTE are these? Alter-Ego Mugs by Jane Jenni, Inc. come in 6 different variations, like tough cookie / smart cookie (pictured above), and cupcake / cutie pie (below):

I like giving a mug as a gift because even if the person isn’t a coffee drinker, it can be used for tea, hot chocolate, or even soup! Mugs also make a great add-on gift to pair with something else (gift card, baked goods,etc).

They are $14 for the set, and you can check them out here: Alter-Ego Mugs by Jane Jenni, Inc

O Captain! My Captain!

Well the day has finally come when Derek Jeter will swing his final swing, and catch his final catch in Yankee Stadium.  Many die hard Yankee fans have a heavy heart today, however, Mr. November’s legacy can live on with the plethora of memorabilia out there.  

Here are some of my favorites:

1. SECOND BASE: D.J. signed and MLB Authenticated base from Derek Jeter Day  vs. The Royals $12,500

2. BASEBALL:  D.J. signed and MLB Authenticated ball from the 2000 Wold Series $744.98

3. GLOVE: D.J. used glove from 2010 $859

4. PHOTO: D.J. tunnel shot from the original Yankee Stadium. Unsigned: $229 Signed: $859

Head over to Steiner Sports to check out more Derek Jeter Memorabilia.

And, THANK YOU Captain- we’ve had a great run!