Ear Bling

This may look like a pretty necklace, but it is actually a pair of headphones – super cute, right?!

HandCandy makes headphones for both men and women – they have a variety of colors / styles, and even have a leather line!

They start at $40, and you can check them out here: HandCandy: Necklace Headphones

Quilted Memories

I saw this on a friend’s Facebook Page, and I just had to share it!  So many of us hold on to some of our children’s clothing for sentimental reasons.  Other then the items being pulled out once in a while to look them and reminisce, they end up just sitting in a drawer.  Well Tees into Treasures is changing all of that!

Created by a family in Texas, they set out to preserve our memories by making quilts out of your baby’s sentimental items (t-shirts, onesies,etc).  

A 16″ Square quilt is $180, and they go up from there (depending on the size).

They also make pillows! Check out all of their treasures here: Tees into Treasures


Green Thumb

I’ve been looking for some interesting gifts for gardeners, and I stumbled upon this one from Thoughtful Presence (a unique gift basket company that you have to check out)!

The Gardeners Garden Seat comes with a seat, detachable tote, and 5 gardening tools and is $69.95.

Thoughtful Presence creates gift baskets for everyone on your list (teachers, kids, pets).  Check out all of their awesome creations here: Thoughtful Presence Unique Gift Baskets


Mantra Bands

Give the gift of inspiration with Mantra Bands!

The hypoallergenic bracelets are tarnish resistant, nickel and lead free, and are fully adjustable.

Some of my favorite mantra bands are: Be Here Now, One Day at a Time, Everything Happens for a Reason, and Oh the Places You’ll Go!

They are $25, and you can check them out here: Mantra Bands Inspirational Bracelets



What do you get when you cross a delicious scone with a muffin? A SCUFFIN!

Created by Frog Hollow Farm in Brentwood, California, the scuffin has the texture of a scone, but is in the shape of a muffin.

They come in three different flavors (peach, nectarine, apricot) and are $45 for a 6 pack.

Check them out here: Build Your Own Scuffin Assortment

Vintage Prints

These adorable vintage state prints have a whimsical feel.  

Each 8×10 print is hand-pulled and includes items that are representative to each state.  

Created by Paper Parasol Press, the state prints series was inspired by vintage tea towels and souvenir plates.

They are $22, and can be found here: Retro State Prints 


Character Ceramics

How cute are these ceramic dishes?!  Created by Alex Marshall Studios in California, each dish is handmade and personalized with the child’s name.

The sets come in a variety of animals and cost $108.  Check them out here: Character Dish Set

They also make these adorable personalized Character Banks ($76):

As well as these super cute Character Lamps ($198):

Check out all of Alex’s products here: Alex Marshall Studios


Stay Hydrated!

There are so many products out there to help us stay hydrated, but nothing does it better then H2O.  Here are a few of the newest water bottles on the market to help you bring your water on the go and stay hydrated!


1. Flavour It:  add fruit to your water to create a delicious and refreshing drink! $12.83

2. Filter It: this bottle comes with a binchotan active charcoal filter to keep water clean and tasty $24.95

3. Light It: solar powered to turn your water bottle into a lantern! $25

4. Clean It: bottom unscrews for easy cleaning (also won’t roll because of the square design) $44.95

Enjoy Summer, and Stay Hydrated!


And the Winner IS…

Thank you to everyone who entered The Born Free and Summer Infant Travel Giveaway.  We had a great response from all the mamas (and papas) out there, and I am so excited to announce the winner:


Congratulations, Skylee!

Keep checking back for unique gift ideas and giveaways…and if you have a gift idea that you think I should check out, or you have a gift-giving dilemma, feel free to email me: mama@giftmama.com

xoxo GiftMama

Smoke n’ Grill

Why choose between smoking OR grilling when you can do both?!  If you have a bbq lover in your life, then this is the gift for them!

The Brinkmann Smoke N’ Grill converts from a smoker to a grill, holds up to 50lbs of food, and is $59.95.

Check it out here: Brinkmann Smoke N’ Grill