Show your bestie you love her with one of these adorable bff gift ideas:

1.  BFF Wine Glasses:  set of 2 engraved stemless wine glasses $25

2.  BFF Mugs:  adorable custom mug set $29.99

3.  BFF Shirts:  super cute mommy / daughter tees $42

4.  BFF Necklace: cute take on the traditional BFF necklace $25

Hot Cakes

What could be better then an ooy-gooey molten chocolate cake fresh from the oven? In my opinion, not much!

The deliciously decedent treat (pictured above) is an organic molten chocolate cake that comes in a mason jar.  Simply unscrew the lid, pop in the oven and voila! Rich, delicious chocolate cake – I couldn’t think of a better gift!

The set of 4 cakes is $36, and you can check it out here:  Hot Cakes 4 Pack


Finally, a tea company that offers more then Earl Grey!  Meet TeaPigs, a high-quality  tea company based in the US.

These are not your Grandma’s tea flavors – the bundle (above) is the Adventurous Cheeky, which features flavors like: Chilli Chai and Popcorn Tea!

The Adventurous Cheeky is $54.99, and you can check it out here: TeaPigs Adventurous Cheeky

Handwritten Jewels

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook, and I just HAD to share!

The Custom Signature Nameplate by Tres Sorelle uses the actual handwriting (of a child, loved one,etc) and turns it into a gold or silver nameplate!

These thoughtful gifts start at $110, and you can check them out here:  Tres Sorelle Nameplate

Sip Snap

Two Moms came up with this awesome idea, and I think it is a winner!

Turn any drinking glass or cup into a sippy cup with this one-size-fits-all sippy cup lid.

Made from food-grade silicone, SnipSnap comes in two different designs – TOT (pictured above) and KID (pictured below):

The spill-proof lids are $19.95 for a set of three, and you can check them out here: Sip-Snap One Size Fits All Sippy Cup Lid

Grill Light

Now grilling in the dark is NO problem with these awesome tools by GrilLight!

Each tool has an LED flashlight built directly into the handle, making it super easy to see what’s cooking.

The gift set pictured above is $79.95, and comes with four tools and a magnetic (waterproof) apron!

Check it out here: GrilLight Gift Set

Ella Watch

I love a gift that gives back, and this watch does just that!

Made from tempered glass and stainless steel, the Ella Timepiece comes in three gorgeous band colors: teal, pink, and white.

The Ella Watch is $29.95 and a portion of the proceeds goes to Save The Elephants.

Personalized Storybooks

I love giving books as a gift, and I love a personalized gift…so, when you combine the two, it’s a home run!

The one pictured above features your child in an adventure at the zoo!

They have over 30 stories to choose from, start at $19.95, and you can check them out here: Frecklebox Personalized Storybooks

Born in the USA

What better way to show your patriotism then with SHOPPING?!

I love supporting companies that manufacture in the US, and now I’ve found an entire website dedicated to just that!

OH SAY USA, features only products made in America.  From Cooking tools, to Jewelry, they’ve got you covered!

According to Oh Say USA, here is why you should buy American Made:

1. To help our neighbors by stimulating job growth in the USA

2. To renew a sense of pride and opportunity in America

3. To provide a livable wage for Americans

4. It’s environmental & saves money since the goods last longer

5. To ensure products meet USA safety standards

Happy 4th Everyone, and Happy Shopping! :)


NOW, we can have our cookie dough and EAT IT too!

No more raw egg concerns with Edoughble: eggless cookie dough – meant to be eaten raw!

Edoughble comes in classic flavors like chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin, as well as novelty flavors like birthday bash, and S’mores.

Each 8oz container contains all natural ingredients, and is $8.  There is also a cookie dough of the month club!

Check it out here: Edoughble – ready to eat cookie dough

Photo Credit: ViralNova