Batter & Cream

Need a gift for someone with a sweet tooth? Check out New York’s own Batter & Cream!

Handmade whoopie pies that use only natural ingredients and come in INSANE flavors, like S’mores, Carrot Cake, Lemon Sage, and Fruit Loops!

A 10-pack is $15.50, they ship nationwide, and you can check out all of the yuminess here: Batter & Cream Whoopie Pies



Show your bestie you love her with one of these adorable bff gift ideas:

1.  BFF Wine Glasses:  set of 2 engraved stemless wine glasses $25

2.  BFF Mugs:  adorable custom mug set $29.99

3.  BFF Shirts:  super cute mommy / daughter tees $42

4.  BFF Necklace: cute take on the traditional BFF necklace $25

Walter & Rosie

If you’ve ever been to Disney, then you are familiar with the many smells you encounter as you are walking through the park.  Now, you can experience some of those yummy smells in the comfort of your own home!

Walter & Rosie create Disney-inspired candles with awesome smells such as: Pixie Dust, Main Street, Mickey Waffles, and more!

They are soy-based vegan candles that start at $12, and you can check them out here: Walter & Rosie Handmade Candles

Mexican Giftspiration

We just spent the last week in Cancun – aka – paradise (see pic above)!  Needless to say, I am a bit depressed to be back, so what better way to cure depression then with SHOPPING! 🙂

While in Mexico, we hit up a few of the local pottery stores to purchase souvenirs, gifts for the kids, etc.  I ended up with two little bowls for myself (second row-second pic from the left).  Now that we are home, I really regret not getting more!

Hand painted Mexican pottery is called Talavera , and the colors and patterns are GORGEOUS!

I did some digging, and there are a few good sites to buy Talavera (without the cost of a trip to Mexico).

Here are a few of my favorites:

Direct from Mexico

La Fuente

Talavera Emporium

Handwritten Bling

There are many options when it comes to customized necklaces, but this one is truly unique because you can wear your love-one’s handwriting around your neck!

The handmade necklaces come in silver, gold, and rose gold.  They are made in the US, and start around $90.

Check them out here: The Urban Smith

Bow & Drape

Looking for a unique / trendy gift idea? Then check out Bow & Drape!

Created in NYC, each B&D item is designed by YOU!

Of course they have a ton of pre-made options to chose from (I especially love the urban dictionary sayings, like HANGRY) – or – you can put your own saying or design on any of their items (sweatshirts, bags, pouches, doggie apparel).

Long sleeve sweatshirts start at $55 , and you can check them all out here: Bow & Drape Design Studio

Cat Cave

Need a lavish gift for a cat lover?  Then, check out the Cat Cave!

This eco friendly cozy bed, is handmade from wood and felt and comes in a plethora of colors.

They start around $99, and you can check them out here: Cat Cave

Fatty Sundays

Can’t get enough of that salty & sweet combination?  Then check out Fatty Sundays – a gourmet pretzel company unlike any other!

Fatty Sundays are hand-dipped in Brooklyn, and come in unique flavor combinations such as: PB&J, Spicy Almond, and Birthday Cake.

They also have gluten free options and DIY kits (that allow you to make your own delicious treats)!

They start around $6.95: Fatty Sundays Chocolate Covered Pretzels 

Baby Spoons

I love a customized baby gift, and these adorable baby spoons are one of the cutest I’ve seen!

Handmade in the US, the stainless steel spoons are hand-stamped with the baby’s name, AND they turn white if the food is too hot!

They are $18.99 for a set of four, and you can check them out here: Personalized Baby Spoons

Sneak Peek

As I had mentioned we’ve partnered with Fair Treasure this season to give you a sneak peek at what is inside some of their monthly boxes.

Fair Treasure is a subscription service that curates fair trade products from around the world and delivers artisan goods right to your doorstep!  One month you might receive a pillow from Peru, the next month, a necklace from Nepal – each item is hand-crafted, unique, and follows the fair trade guidelines.

The November box featured a gorgeous apron made from all natural ingredients in Indonesia and a pair of stunning hand-crafted earrings made in India.  Here is a closer look:

Check out Fair Treasure to see all of their fair trade products, and learn more about giving this subscription service as a gift this holiday season! 🙂