Teacher Gifts

There are SO many adorable back to school teacher gift ideas out there, but thanks to my fellow blogger The Artsy Fartsy Mama, she has narrowed it down to these adorable 20!

These inexpensive and crafty ideas are sure to put a smile on the teacher’s face!

Click here to check out the full list:  20 Back to School Teacher Gifts

Mickey Pops

I made these adorable Mickey Oreo Pops for my daughter’s birthday a few weeks ago.  They require very few ingredients, were super simple to make, and went perfectly with the Mickey Mouse Theme!

Here is what you will need:

1.  Double Stuffed Oreos

2.  Mini Oreos

3.  Lollipop Sticks (I used paper straws)

4.  Frosting

5.  Chocolate (for melting) and Sprinkles (for decorating) – optional

6.  Cake Pop Stand (optional)

– Open Oreo and place lollipop stick in the center

– Open mini Oreos and scrape off cream..place two mini Oreos on the large Oreo (push into the cream)

– Cover the bottom of the “ears” and middle with frosting

– Place the other half of the large Oreo on top (press down – but not too hard).

– Place in the fridge to set (for about one hour)

– Melt chocolate

– Dip Mickey pops into chocolate and coat with sprinkles

– Place in the fridge to set (for at least an hour) – ENJOY!

TIP:  I used a disposable cake pop stand to keep the pops separate and upright while they were setting.

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Father’s Day is around the corner, and I’ve got you covered!  From techies to foodies, here are some of my favorite Father’s Day gifts this year:

1.  Beer Bottle Label show dad you love him with custom beer bottle labels – 15 for $11.99

2.  Matching Tees:  One for Dad, and one for Baby – $40.19

3.  Driftwood Dock:  handcrafted iphone dock made from natural driftwood – $88

4.  Beer Cap Map:  cool artwork lets Dad keep track of his favorite brews – $34.99

5.  Sprezza Box:  keep Dad’s wardrobe fresh with this awesome accessory subscription box – $28+

6.  Lego Mug:  for the big kid, who likes his coffee $14.99

7.  DIY Soda Pop:  cute and simple DIY gift idea

8.  Bacon Club:  two packs of bacon, delivered monthly $49.95

9.  Whiskey Stones:  beautiful granite ice cube set $34.95

Affordable Favors

We had our son’s birthday party a week ago, and yet again I was faced with the ever daunting task of providing a party favor (that isn’t complete junk)!

My son loves just about ANY favor he gets, but as a parent I always play the waiting game until I can throw out the junky favor without him knowing… Here are 6 favors (under $10) that hopefully won’t end up directly in the trash:

1.  Jumbo Coloring Book and Crayon Wheel:  my kids love to color, so I figured these jumbo coloring books would be a hit (they come in many themes and include two sheets of stickers) – I found them on Amazon.

I then attached these awesome Liqui-Mark Crayo-Craze Crayon Wheels to each book with a ribbon.  These are GREAT because they have 6 colors in one, they’re non-toxic, and they are only $5.95 for a 4-pack!

2.  Jumbo Bubble Wand:  I have a love / hate with bubbles… my kids love them, so they serve a purpose and they certainly are affordable!  Tie a name tag onto a jumbo bubble wand… I saw these at Walmart for .98 EACH (it doesn’t get much cheaper then that)!

3.  DIY Bracelet Kit:  give each child this adorable make-your-own-bracelet kit.  Each kit comes with beads and string..everything to make an adorable customized bracelet, and it’s only $3 per child!

4.  Animal Crackers with a personalized note – super cute for a zoo (or jungle themed) party!

5.  Personalized Paint Cans: adorable idea for a crafty party – customize and fill paint cans with arts, crafts, and goodies!  Check out the tutorial here: DIY Paint Cans

6.  Hula Hoops:  great favor for a luau-themed party!  Check out the tutorial here: Aloha Luau Party

Let me know YOUR adorable / affordable party favor ideas!!! 🙂 Happy Partying!

DIY Mama

Sometimes the best gifts aren’t the ones we buy, but the ones we MAKE.  Now a days, there are endless resources to search for DIY projects on the web – my favorite is still pinterest, so here are my top picks/links for Mother’s Day Crafts (that she will love):

Bottle Cap Flower Magnets

Mommy Survival Kit in a Jar

Thumb Print Charm Necklace

Photo Bookmark

Colorful Pour Pots

These are just a FEW of the adorable crafts that are out there – enjoy, and Happy Mother’s Day!!! 🙂

Dreamland Fairy

Once upon a time, a fairy ran out of stories to tell in fairyland and relied on all of the little boys and girls to share their wishes, dreams, and stories to help her.  This is where your child (and the dreamland fairy kit) comes in.

Keep dreams, wishes, and stories alive with the Dreamland Fairy!  Paint your fairy’s adorable little house, read the beautifully illustrated book, and leave notes, pictures, and stories in the house for your fairy to take and bring back to fairyland!

This adorable kit is $24.99 and you can check it out here: Dreamland Fairy Kit

Knit Kit

Did you ever want to learn to knit, but you weren’t sure where to begin?  Well, I’ve got the perfect gift for you: The Learn to Knit Kit!

Each kit is $62, and contains: Merino Wool, Birch Knitting Needles, a Yarn Needle, Instructions, and Patterns for 3 Scarves.

This is actually a gift that I could use, after returning from Disney World and leaving my son’s blankie at the hotel!  Don’t get me started…it was a hand knit afghan (made by my grandmother who no longer knits).  We have called the hotel 10+ times with no avail…Let’s just say the struggle is real for my son (who asks just about every day if they found it). 🙁

I better start learning to KNIT!

Check out all of Purl Soho’s knit-inspired gifts here: Purl Soho


DIY Bow Cage

If you are a Mama to a little girl, then you (like me) have BOWS and HEADBANDS everywhere! I was unaware of this problem, and really had NO idea what to do with all of them, until I came across this creative solution on Pinterest:  The Bow Cage

This might be the simplest DIY I’ve ever attempted.  Here is what you need:

1. A Birdcage (I purchased mine from Michaels for $7.99).

2. Spray Paint (although the cages from Michaels were pretty, I wanted mine to be a little more polished).

3. BOWS (we have a ton of these – and I can’t stop buying them)!

Simply spray the cage with the spray paint, and allow to dry for 24 hours.  Clip bows on the outside (you can also put them inside as well).  Hang from the ceiling with a hook, or place on a dresser / table to display.

Here are a few pics of the finished product:

This would also make a super cute baby / birthday gift! Let me know if you make your own bow cage, and email / tweet me a picture of how it turned out!


4th of July Sweets

With July 4th one week away, many of us are starting to prepare for BBQs and get-togethers. And, we all know it’s not a party without DESSERT, so check out this yummy list of Red, White and Blue treats put together by DIY Candy (an awesome DIY blog).   

Patriotic Pies, Exploding Star Cookies, Cake Pops, Ice Cream Sandwiches and more, all with a patriotic twist!   Check them out here: 15 Red, White and Blue Treats 

And, if you haven’t already, there’s still time to enter our Summer Travel Pack Giveaway! 

DIY Father’s Day

We are really getting down to the wire to get Dad a Father’s Day gift, but there is still time to make a creative and thoughtful gift.

I’ve searched the internet to find a few cute/fun ideas to help tell Dad you love him!  I would make any of these and include a gift card to one of  Dad’s favorite places.

1. Mustache Mug: give Dad a chuckle while he drinks his morning joe.

2. Baseball Bookends:  if Dad is a baseball fan, he’ll love putting these up on the shelf.

3. Zen Garden: help Dad relax with this awesome zen garden (on a budget).

4. Guinness BBQ Sauce: enough said- Yum!

5. iPad Cover: looks like an old school notebook – and costs $2.99 to make!

6. Skittles Vodka: give dad the adult version of this yummy candy.

Happy Crafting, and Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dad’s out there!