Java Flow

Keep the Java flowing this Holiday Season with a monthly subscription from Craft Coffee!

Describe what your taste buds crave in the coffee department, and they will match it and create the perfect brew for you!

Gift subscriptions start at $29.99 – check it out here: Craft Coffee


Show your bestie you love her with one of these adorable bff gift ideas:

1.  BFF Wine Glasses:  set of 2 engraved stemless wine glasses $25

2.  BFF Mugs:  adorable custom mug set $29.99

3.  BFF Shirts:  super cute mommy / daughter tees $42

4.  BFF Necklace: cute take on the traditional BFF necklace $25

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and I’ve got everything you need to make mama happy!  My first rule for Mother’s Day is to treat Mom like the queen that she is, and my second rule is to NEVER, I repeat NEVER buy her an appliance of ANY KIND (even if she says she wants one).

Getting an appliance for Mother’s Day, is like getting a toothbrush on Halloween…

Here are some of my favorite gifts for Mother’s Day 2015:

1. Mug + Joe – give mom an inspirational mug and a gift certificate to her favorite coffee shop.

2. Club W – if mom is a wine lover, sign her up for a monthly vino club!

3. Spa at Home – the clarisonic mia is always on my must HAVE list – pamper mom at home!

4. Personal Stylist – give mom a new wardrobe – carefully curated and sent right to her door!

5. Handbag – you cannot go wrong with a new bag for mom, like the one that I want this year (hint,hint) 🙂

6. Bling – you also can’t go wrong with some new jewels – I love these handmade stacking bracelets.

Starbucks Lover

For those of you that need a constant Starbucks fix, check out these yummy frappuccino candles from Double Brush (on etsy)!

They use soy wax and a recycled Starbucks bottle, to create the perfect gift for any coffee lover!

They start at $14 (the double set pictured above is $30), and you can check them out here: Starbucks Frappuccino Candles

Thanksgiving Hostess Guide

Need a little something to bring the host / hostess on Thanksgiving?  Here are 8 ideas that are sure to put a smile on their face!

1.  Soap and Lotion Set:  this London based company is one of my favorites! $62

2.  Wine Stopper:  bring this along with a nice bottle of wine! $7.95

3.  Metal Tumblers:  I love these festive wine glasses! $39.95

4.  Old Fashioned Glasses:  this beautiful set comes in 5 different color options. $59.95

5.  Coffee:  caffeine is always appreciated (especially around the holidays)! $14.95

6.  Dog Plates:  if your host is a dog-lover, you can’t go wrong with these adorable plates! $12 each

7.  Flowers:  show up with a pretty Fall arrangement that can double as a centerpiece! $31.99

8.  Nesting Bowls: I love these crate and barrel nesting bowls! $29.95


Disney Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays around the corner, I am beginning to focus on gift guides for you.  And, what better way to kick of the holiday season then with a Disney Gift Guide?!

You know I am a Disney fanatic, so for me giving a little Mickey over the holidays is never a bad idea! It just so happens the Disney Store is offering 25% off (from now until November 11), so it’s the perfect time to do some Disney holiday shopping!

Here are my top 10 Disney Store picks:

1.  Hulk Mug:  $14.95

2.  Titleist Hat:  $29.95

3.  Measuring Cups:  $9.94

4.  Be our Guest Tea Set:  $29.95

5.  Cookie Jar:  $44.95

6.  Planes PJs:  $19.95

7.  Mickey Ornament:  $19.95

8.  Alex and Ani Bracelet:  $39.95

9.  Sleeping Beauty’s Castle:  $74.95

10  Mickey Slippers:  $16.95

And, after I finished my list – I came across this adorable hat and had to post it!

11. Minnie Hat:  $14.95


What a Hoot!

Owls are the symbol of wisdom and intelligence, and for some reason they remind me of Fall, so I thought I would post a few of my favorite owl-themed gift ideas.

Clockwise from top left:

1.  Owl Mug Set: these hand-painted mugs will have you smiling while you drink your morning joe! $26.95

2.  Owl Pillow: handmade sleepy owl pillow $25

3.  Owl Storage Caddy: this canvas and felt storage caddy is perfect for holding just about anything! $14.99

4.  Owl Necklace: handmade silver plated owl charm on a chain $19

Morning Jolt

Good Morning! Wake your face up with this caffeinated duo from Pacific Shaving Company.

Not only does caffeine help to give us a boost, it also contains antioxidants, reduces redness, and can soothe the skin (who knew)?!

So, if you need a little extra jolt in the morning, check out this awesome set ($15.99): Caffeinated Shaving Cream and After Shave

Alter Ego Mugs

How CUTE are these? Alter-Ego Mugs by Jane Jenni, Inc. come in 6 different variations, like tough cookie / smart cookie (pictured above), and cupcake / cutie pie (below):

I like giving a mug as a gift because even if the person isn’t a coffee drinker, it can be used for tea, hot chocolate, or even soup! Mugs also make a great add-on gift to pair with something else (gift card, baked goods,etc).

They are $14 for the set, and you can check them out here: Alter-Ego Mugs by Jane Jenni, Inc

DIY Father’s Day

We are really getting down to the wire to get Dad a Father’s Day gift, but there is still time to make a creative and thoughtful gift.

I’ve searched the internet to find a few cute/fun ideas to help tell Dad you love him!  I would make any of these and include a gift card to one of  Dad’s favorite places.

1. Mustache Mug: give Dad a chuckle while he drinks his morning joe.

2. Baseball Bookends:  if Dad is a baseball fan, he’ll love putting these up on the shelf.

3. Zen Garden: help Dad relax with this awesome zen garden (on a budget).

4. Guinness BBQ Sauce: enough said- Yum!

5. iPad Cover: looks like an old school notebook – and costs $2.99 to make!

6. Skittles Vodka: give dad the adult version of this yummy candy.

Happy Crafting, and Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dad’s out there!