Think Pink

October is upon us, which means so is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Check out these 7 gifts that support Breast Cancer research and funding:

1. Circle of Strength Tee: show your support with Ford’s Warriors in Pink Tee! $23

2. New Balance Pink Ribbon:  running shoes that support the cause! $89.99

3. North Face Pink Ribbon Denali: the classic Denali with a pop of pink! $179

4. Resilience Cuff: show your support with this gorgeous rose gold cuff! $34

5. Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar: what better way to support the cause then with chocolate? $3.50

6. Vegan Leather Bag: gorgeous bag  – perfect for Fall! $98

7. Blush and Brush Set: add a pop of pink to your cheeks! $50

Batter & Cream

Need a gift for someone with a sweet tooth? Check out New York’s own Batter & Cream!

Handmade whoopie pies that use only natural ingredients and come in INSANE flavors, like S’mores, Carrot Cake, Lemon Sage, and Fruit Loops!

A 10-pack is $15.50, they ship nationwide, and you can check out all of the yuminess here: Batter & Cream Whoopie Pies


Hot Cakes

What could be better then an ooy-gooey molten chocolate cake fresh from the oven? In my opinion, not much!

The deliciously decedent treat (pictured above) is an organic molten chocolate cake that comes in a mason jar.  Simply unscrew the lid, pop in the oven and voila! Rich, delicious chocolate cake – I couldn’t think of a better gift!

The set of 4 cakes is $36, and you can check it out here:  Hot Cakes 4 Pack


NOW, we can have our cookie dough and EAT IT too!

No more raw egg concerns with Edoughble: eggless cookie dough – meant to be eaten raw!

Edoughble comes in classic flavors like chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin, as well as novelty flavors like birthday bash, and S’mores.

Each 8oz container contains all natural ingredients, and is $8.  There is also a cookie dough of the month club!

Check it out here: Edoughble – ready to eat cookie dough

Photo Credit: ViralNova

Mickey Monthly

You know I’m ALL over any new Disney gift ideas, and this one does not disappoint!  If you have ever been to the Magic Kingdom, then you know that there are goodies scattered throughout the park (and just how delicious they are)…

Now, you can bring those goodies to your doorstep with Mickey Monthly, a subscription service that delivers an array of snacks and souvenirs to your door on a monthly basis.

The subscription starts at $39.99 / month, which provides two surprise snacks and two surprise souvenirs (you can designate boy or girl) – check it out here: Mickey Monthly: Keep the Magic Alive

Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

Let’s be honest, typically when something is labeled “Vegan,” most people are turned off. These cookies, however, are the exception!

I am not Vegan, but I am a cookie fan – especially when there is chocolate and peanut butter involved! 🙂 My son asked me to make cookies this weekend, and I remembered I had made these delicious treats a few months ago!  Not only are they yummy, they are super easy to make!

Here is the recipe (originally from Chocolate Covered Kate – an awesome dessert blog with healthy recipes)!


  • 1/2 cup peanut butter, or almond or sunbutter
  • 3/4 tsp baking soda
  • 3 tbsp flour (whole-wheat pastry, all-purpose white, spelt, Bob’s gf mix all work)
  • 1/4 cup sugar or evaporated cane juice
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar or coconut sugar
  • 2 tbsp applesauce
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • optional: tiny pinch salt (around 1/16 tsp) (Taste dough to decide – I like to add it.)
  • optional: chocolate chips


Mix dry ingredients very well. Then add wet and form cookie balls. If you want soft cookies, fridge the dough for at least an hour. Then bake in a preheated oven (350F) for 8 minutes. They’ll look underdone when you take them out, but that’s ok. Let cool for at least 5 minutes before removing from tray.

To keep these cookies soft, store leftover cookies in a plastic container. This recipe will make about 12-16 cookies, depending on how big you roll them. (For 16 cookies, they’ll have 65 calories per cookie.)



Spring Treats

Spring is HERE (although in the Northeast we are beginning to wonder), and with that comes all of the delicious Spring treats!  Here are some of my faves:

1. Mr. and Mrs. Bunny: two adorable solid chocolate bunnies: $34.95

2. Sunny Pop:  super cheery sunflower lollipops made by one of my favorite chocolatiers $15

3. Peanut Butter Eggs: 10 chocolate and peanut butter robin’s eggs $11

4. Lady Bugs: raspberry, mint, and honey lavender lady bugs with a chocolate shell $29.95

5. Chocolate Carrot: milk chocolate and covered in nonpareils. $4.20

6. Matzo Brittle: simple recipe for delicious sweet/salty matzo brittle candy.

Enjoy, and Happy Spring! 🙂

Mini of the Month

Send someone a monthly reminder of just how sweet they are with these adorable mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa.

These bite-sized treats come in all sorts of fun flavors, such as:  salted carmel, tie-die, peanut butter pretzel, root beer float, doughnut, and so many more!

The subscription ranges from 25-100 cupcakes and starts around $60 for 3 months.

Check it out here: Baked by Melissa Mini of the Month Club

Fatty Sundays

Can’t get enough of that salty & sweet combination?  Then check out Fatty Sundays – a gourmet pretzel company unlike any other!

Fatty Sundays are hand-dipped in Brooklyn, and come in unique flavor combinations such as: PB&J, Spicy Almond, and Birthday Cake.

They also have gluten free options and DIY kits (that allow you to make your own delicious treats)!

They start around $6.95: Fatty Sundays Chocolate Covered Pretzels 

Snow Day Activities

Winter is here, and many of us in the Northeast are getting set to experience a huge blizzard.  If you have kids, then you know that keeping them busy during a snow day can be challenging.  Here are 9 activities to help keep them occupied (and you happy) during a snow day:

1.  Melted Heart Crayons:  recycle crayon pieces and turn them into pretty heart shaped crayons

2.  Snow Ice Cream:  turn snow into a yummy treat

3.  Masking Tape Maze:  make a maze for all of those cars that are laying around

4.  Snowman in a Baggie:  create a cute and squishy snowman in a bag

5.  Snowman Treats:  super easy three-ingredient recipe

6.  Indoor Snow Paint:  bring the snow inside and get creative

7.  Outdoor Snow Paint:  spray the snow and create a rainbow of colors!

8.  Peanut Butter Bars:  no-bake 5 ingredient bars

9.  Snowflake Ballerinas: a pretty take on paper snowflakes

Stay safe and warm everyone and enjoy the snow!