(Give) Back to School

I hate to even say it, but September is around the corner!  We may not like it, but we have no choice!  Back to School, means Back to School Shopping…and what better way to shop, then to GIVE BACK while doing so?!

Here are four awesome brands that will have you looking cool for school, while giving BACK:

1. Yoobi: colorful school supply line, with everything from pens and pencils to notebooks…for every item purchased, one is donated to a US classroom in need!

2. Skyline Socks: super cute socks that represent your city or team, while giving back!  For each pair sold, they donate a pair of socks to that city.

3. Swell: hydrate with this eco-friendly bottle, while helping to provide clean water to those in need via Unicef.

4. State Bags: purchase one of these colorful backpacks, while giving one to an American child in need!

Enjoy the last few days of Summer ~ Happy (back to school) Shopping Everyone! 🙂

Personalized Storybooks

I love giving books as a gift, and I love a personalized gift…so, when you combine the two, it’s a home run!

The one pictured above features your child in an adventure at the zoo!

They have over 30 stories to choose from, start at $19.95, and you can check them out here: Frecklebox Personalized Storybooks

Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

STILL need a gift for Dad?!  Well, I’ve got 6 gifts that you can print out right NOW and give to Dad tomorrow:

Dollar Shave Club:  for as little as $3, Dad can have new razors monthly

Trunk Club: update his wardrobe with new clothes every month

Mantry: full size artisan food products delivered monthly

Taster’s Club:  for the whisky lover

Spotify:  Dad can stay current with this awesome music subscription service

Oyster:  unlimited digital books for the avid reader

Happy gifting, and Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads out there! 🙂

Worry Woos

Tackling emotions with children can be challenging, which is why Andi Green created the adorable creatures pictured above:  The Worry Woos!

Each Woo has a different feeling attached to it – there’s Nola the monster of loneliness, Rue the monster of insecurity, and Wince the monster of worry..just to name a few.

These plush cuties come with a beautifully illustrated book that describes each feeling and ends with an up-beat message encouraging the child to “embrace their emotions.”

Worry woo sets start around $36, and you can check them out here: Worry Woos: embrace your emotions


There are a ton of amazing subscription services out there, and they make a great gift because you can purchase them last minute, but they are still super thoughtful!  There is literally something for EVERYONE on your list.  I have narrowed it down to these top 7 (and these are only SOME of my faves):

1.  Treatsie:  Sweet treats delivered monthly starting at $12/month

2.  Stitchfix:  Online personal stylist for HER starting at $20/month

3.  Barkbox:  Goodies for the pampered pooch starting at $19/month

4.  Club W:  WINE delivered to your doorstep starting at $50/month

5.  Plated:  Gourmet meals for the foodie on your list starting at $60/month

6.  Gift Lit:  Carefully curated books for children starting at $50/3 months

7.  Trunk Club:  Online personal stylist for HIM starting at $100/month

Father’s Day

With Father’s Day about one week away, I thought I would post a few of my favorite picks for Dads this year.

Clockwise top left:

1. For the Reader: Oyster is to books, what Netflix is to movies.  For $10 a month, give dad access to over 500,000 digital books!

2. For the Traveler: Keep everything organized while on the road – monogrammed travel tray: $35.95

3. For the Chef: Everything to cook a gourmet meal delivered right to your door! $12 per plate

4. For the Biker: Give dad the freedom to hit the trails without the worry of damaging his phone! $89.99

5. For the Photographer: Ship dad a book of his iphone photos for only $2.99 per month!

6. For the Sports Enthusiast: Heated and padded seat to bring to the stadium: $89.31

7. For the Foodie:  Hire a professional chef to prepare dad a delicious meal! $75

8. For the Joker: Make dad his own stuffed animal…of himself (or of the family)! $78

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dad’s out there!