Mama Bling

I recently had a friend’s husband email me for recommendations on a “Push Gift.”  If you’re not familiar with that, it is typically jewelry given to a woman after having a baby.

He wanted something personal, and wanted to spend hundreds (not thousands) of dollars.  I came up with a few of my faves that can be given to any mama (not just new mamas)!

Clockwise from top left:

1. Albeit 14K Gold Sideways Pendant Necklace: $350

2. Dalla Nonna Calendar Bracelet: $625

3. Hot Mama Silhouette Necklace: $155

4. Helen Ficalora Charms: $50 and up

5. Lisa Jordan Designs: $100 and up

6. Jennifer Miller Mom Necklace: $150

7. Posh Mommy Birthstone Square: $130

8. Jordann Magnolia Flat Charm: $170


This Ask Mama question was posted on Facebook:

“Hey Gift Mama! Any suggestions for holiday gifts for a first-time grandmother? Thx :)” 

Here are my suggestions:

1. Photo Locket by Nelle & Lizzy: Adorable locket that holds a picture of your little one, and can be stamped with their name or initial. $68-$98

2. Grandma Life Story Frame: I love this frame! Put pictures of Grandma into the frame – first of when she was a little girl, then of her as a young mom, and finally her with her grandchild! $24.99

3. Five Strand Birthstone Bracelet: Grandma will love wearing her grandchild’s birthstone around her wrist. $99.95

4. Digital Frame: There will certainly be A LOT of pictures of the new grand-baby! Give grandma a beautiful wooden digital frame so she can see her new bundle of joy constantly! $39.95

5. Footprints in the Sand: Grandma will love staring at those cute little feet (or hands) on her wall! The kit and frame are $48.

6. Digital Camera: This is not your typical digital camera- it’s the Samsung DualView.  Not only is there a screen on the back, but one on the front so the person can see what the picture will look like! IT ALSO has a function where you can set the front screen to a smiley face (perfect for making the grandkids SMILE)!! $139.99


Ask Mama

Q: Hi there, I’m giving my husband an all expense paid trip to NYC for his upcoming birthday (in October, we will be going to NYC over Thanksgiving), my dilemma is, all that I have to give him are the printed out receipts or reservations for our flight, lodging, things I’ve planned for us to do, nothing but pieces of paper…I’m having a NYC themed party for him, so I’d like a fun and different way to give a gift certificate. Can you help?  Thank you!

Hi Margie!

I do have an idea for you.  I’m not sure how much you want to spend…but, I actually had a similar situation with my husband.

For his 30th bday, I rented a house in the Hamptons and invited his friends to come.  I didn’t want to give him just paper either…so, I ordered cookies from the most amazing place in NYC (they have every themed cookie known to man)…mine were beach themed and I had them write the dates we were going!!!!  

SO – here is my solution for you – Eleni’s Big Apple Collection.  You can call them and have them customize the cookies with the dates of your trip. Wrap the box and give it to him!

A creative (and YUMMY) way to surprise him!
Gift Mama

Family Tree

A friend recently asked me for ideas for a 40th wedding anniversary and they wanted to spend under $100.  I gave her a few options, including this Family Tree Frame from Restoration Hardware.

This is a great way to illustrate how much a family has grown over the years, and you can even cut out and place the pictures before gifting it.

It is $89 and can be found online or in the catalog only.