Have a mini chef in the making? Then check out KidStir – a subscription service that will have them whipping up new concoctions monthly.

Each kit is packed with recipes, games, a premium ingredient, and a kid-sized cooking tool.

The service is $19.95 / month, and you can check it out here: KidStir

Doggy Spa

This may look like a product you’d use in your bath, but it is actually for your pampered pooch.  Dog Fashion Spa has created a soap-infused sponge for dogs, and I think it is a GENIUS idea!

No more fumbling for the soap bottle while trying to coax your pup into staying still.  Simply wet the sponge and let the bathing begin! They come in bug repellant orange, bug repellant lavender, and jojoba and fennel.

The spongers are $28, get great reviews, and you can check them out here:  Dog Fashion Spa Sponge

Mickey Monthly

You know I’m ALL over any new Disney gift ideas, and this one does not disappoint!  If you have ever been to the Magic Kingdom, then you know that there are goodies scattered throughout the park (and just how delicious they are)…

Now, you can bring those goodies to your doorstep with Mickey Monthly, a subscription service that delivers an array of snacks and souvenirs to your door on a monthly basis.

The subscription starts at $39.99 / month, which provides two surprise snacks and two surprise souvenirs (you can designate boy or girl) – check it out here: Mickey Monthly: Keep the Magic Alive

Affordable Favors

We had our son’s birthday party a week ago, and yet again I was faced with the ever daunting task of providing a party favor (that isn’t complete junk)!

My son loves just about ANY favor he gets, but as a parent I always play the waiting game until I can throw out the junky favor without him knowing… Here are 6 favors (under $10) that hopefully won’t end up directly in the trash:

1.  Jumbo Coloring Book and Crayon Wheel:  my kids love to color, so I figured these jumbo coloring books would be a hit (they come in many themes and include two sheets of stickers) – I found them on Amazon.

I then attached these awesome Liqui-Mark Crayo-Craze Crayon Wheels to each book with a ribbon.  These are GREAT because they have 6 colors in one, they’re non-toxic, and they are only $5.95 for a 4-pack!

2.  Jumbo Bubble Wand:  I have a love / hate with bubbles… my kids love them, so they serve a purpose and they certainly are affordable!  Tie a name tag onto a jumbo bubble wand… I saw these at Walmart for .98 EACH (it doesn’t get much cheaper then that)!

3.  DIY Bracelet Kit:  give each child this adorable make-your-own-bracelet kit.  Each kit comes with beads and string..everything to make an adorable customized bracelet, and it’s only $3 per child!

4.  Animal Crackers with a personalized note – super cute for a zoo (or jungle themed) party!

5.  Personalized Paint Cans: adorable idea for a crafty party – customize and fill paint cans with arts, crafts, and goodies!  Check out the tutorial here: DIY Paint Cans

6.  Hula Hoops:  great favor for a luau-themed party!  Check out the tutorial here: Aloha Luau Party

Let me know YOUR adorable / affordable party favor ideas!!! 🙂 Happy Partying!

Smart Cube

Let’s face it – we all have hundreds of photos on our phones and ipads that never get printed.  Enter the Smartphone Photo Cube Printer.

Simply connect your phone or ipad to the cube (it comes in an iphone and android compatible version), and viola ~ instant 4×6 or panorama pics!

The printer is $159.99, and you can find it here: SmartPhone Photo Cube Printer


Turn your child into an adorable stuffed buddy with Budsies!

Simply send in a photo of your child to the Budsie team and they get hard to work creating a custom pattern and turning your child into an adorable stuffed buddy!

Or, send in a picture of their artwork:

Or, a picture of your pet:

Budsies start at $69, and you can check them out here: Budsies: we bring artwork to life


DIY Mama

Sometimes the best gifts aren’t the ones we buy, but the ones we MAKE.  Now a days, there are endless resources to search for DIY projects on the web – my favorite is still pinterest, so here are my top picks/links for Mother’s Day Crafts (that she will love):

Bottle Cap Flower Magnets

Mommy Survival Kit in a Jar

Thumb Print Charm Necklace

Photo Bookmark

Colorful Pour Pots

These are just a FEW of the adorable crafts that are out there – enjoy, and Happy Mother’s Day!!! 🙂