Handwritten Bling

There are many options when it comes to customized necklaces, but this one is truly unique because you can wear your love-one’s handwriting around your neck!

The handmade necklaces come in silver, gold, and rose gold.  They are made in the US, and start around $90.

Check them out here: The Urban Smith

Spring Treats

Spring is HERE (although in the Northeast we are beginning to wonder), and with that comes all of the delicious Spring treats!  Here are some of my faves:

1. Mr. and Mrs. Bunny: two adorable solid chocolate bunnies: $34.95

2. Sunny Pop:  super cheery sunflower lollipops made by one of my favorite chocolatiers $15

3. Peanut Butter Eggs: 10 chocolate and peanut butter robin’s eggs $11

4. Lady Bugs: raspberry, mint, and honey lavender lady bugs with a chocolate shell $29.95

5. Chocolate Carrot: milk chocolate and covered in nonpareils. $4.20

6. Matzo Brittle: simple recipe for delicious sweet/salty matzo brittle candy.

Enjoy, and Happy Spring! 🙂


Summer is around the corner, and these are going on my MUST get list!

SwimLids were created by a mom who was sick of her baby’s hat falling off (at the pool, on the boat,etc).

Think of it as a combo swim cap / baseball hat – with SPF 50+ waterproof protection!

They are $12.95 and fit sizes XS – Adult! Check them out here: SwimLids – Swim. Splash. Play. Protect

Bow & Drape

Looking for a unique / trendy gift idea? Then check out Bow & Drape!

Created in NYC, each B&D item is designed by YOU!

Of course they have a ton of pre-made options to chose from (I especially love the urban dictionary sayings, like HANGRY) – or – you can put your own saying or design on any of their items (sweatshirts, bags, pouches, doggie apparel).

Long sleeve sweatshirts start at $55 , and you can check them all out here: Bow & Drape Design Studio

Sweet Spoons

How adorable are these? Perfect for an anniversary gift, these vintage spoons are handmade and personalized with your initials and wedding year.

They come in many different sayings and designs (forks, mugs,etc).

Spoons start around $18 (and the fork set is $30) – check out all of their unique gifts here:

Milk & Honey Luxuries


Lucky Charms

Happy (almost) St. Patrick’s Day!  Here are 8 gift ideas to bring you a little luck this St. Patrick’s Day:

1.  Pot of Gold: foil wrapped chocolate covered oreo cookies $24.99

2.  Lucky Penny Necklace:  handmade and personalized $24.00

3.  Gift Basket: delicious soda bread and other yummy Irish treats $39.99

4.  Floating Clover: handmade gemstone necklace $34.00

5.  Green Candle: Dublin clover candle $9.99

6.  Key Chain:  handmade flour leaf clover key chain $15

7.  Bracelet:  green leather wrap bracelet $22

8.  Cookies:  pot of gold cookie collection from one of my favorites! $39.95

Knit Kit

Did you ever want to learn to knit, but you weren’t sure where to begin?  Well, I’ve got the perfect gift for you: The Learn to Knit Kit!

Each kit is $62, and contains: Merino Wool, Birch Knitting Needles, a Yarn Needle, Instructions, and Patterns for 3 Scarves.

This is actually a gift that I could use, after returning from Disney World and leaving my son’s blankie at the hotel!  Don’t get me started…it was a hand knit afghan (made by my grandmother who no longer knits).  We have called the hotel 10+ times with no avail…Let’s just say the struggle is real for my son (who asks just about every day if they found it). 🙁

I better start learning to KNIT!

Check out all of Purl Soho’s knit-inspired gifts here: Purl Soho



The Criss-Cross ring is THE ring on the hands of all of the celebrities these days.  That being said, to get your hands on one of them could cost you upward of $6,000!

Leave it to our friends at Joyus to find a comparable solution for wayyy less!  Pictured above is the Ella XO Pave Gold Ring and it is much more affordable at $58.

I also found a few affordable options on Etsy:

This sterling silver and gold fill ring is $50

This rose gold pave ring is $44

And, this double xo ring is made from sterling silver and is $49.50

I love all of them- so cute and stylish 🙂

City Prints

Spring is in the air, and so is BASEBALL!  If you need a gift for the sports fanatic in your life, check out City Prints.

They offer prints of different ballparks (baseball,football,etc) and different states and college campuses!

They come in a variety of sizes and frames and they start at $49.

Check them out here: City Prints Map Art

Cat Cave

Need a lavish gift for a cat lover?  Then, check out the Cat Cave!

This eco friendly cozy bed, is handmade from wood and felt and comes in a plethora of colors.

They start around $99, and you can check them out here: Cat Cave