DIY Bow Cage

If you are a Mama to a little girl, then you (like me) have BOWS and HEADBANDS everywhere! I was unaware of this problem, and really had NO idea what to do with all of them, until I came across this creative solution on Pinterest:  The Bow Cage

This might be the simplest DIY I’ve ever attempted.  Here is what you need:

1. A Birdcage (I purchased mine from Michaels for $7.99).

2. Spray Paint (although the cages from Michaels were pretty, I wanted mine to be a little more polished).

3. BOWS (we have a ton of these – and I can’t stop buying them)!

Simply spray the cage with the spray paint, and allow to dry for 24 hours.  Clip bows on the outside (you can also put them inside as well).  Hang from the ceiling with a hook, or place on a dresser / table to display.

Here are a few pics of the finished product:

This would also make a super cute baby / birthday gift! Let me know if you make your own bow cage, and email / tweet me a picture of how it turned out!


Alter Ego Mugs

How CUTE are these? Alter-Ego Mugs by Jane Jenni, Inc. come in 6 different variations, like tough cookie / smart cookie (pictured above), and cupcake / cutie pie (below):

I like giving a mug as a gift because even if the person isn’t a coffee drinker, it can be used for tea, hot chocolate, or even soup! Mugs also make a great add-on gift to pair with something else (gift card, baked goods,etc).

They are $14 for the set, and you can check them out here: Alter-Ego Mugs by Jane Jenni, Inc

O Captain! My Captain!

Well the day has finally come when Derek Jeter will swing his final swing, and catch his final catch in Yankee Stadium.  Many die hard Yankee fans have a heavy heart today, however, Mr. November’s legacy can live on with the plethora of memorabilia out there.  

Here are some of my favorites:

1. SECOND BASE: D.J. signed and MLB Authenticated base from Derek Jeter Day  vs. The Royals $12,500

2. BASEBALL:  D.J. signed and MLB Authenticated ball from the 2000 Wold Series $744.98

3. GLOVE: D.J. used glove from 2010 $859

4. PHOTO: D.J. tunnel shot from the original Yankee Stadium. Unsigned: $229 Signed: $859

Head over to Steiner Sports to check out more Derek Jeter Memorabilia.

And, THANK YOU Captain- we’ve had a great run!

HGTV Magazine Visit

I had the honor of visiting the HGTV magazine offices yesterday (as part of NY Now’s Best Blog Competition), and it did not disappoint! My visit started off by taking a tour of the beautiful Hearst Building (home to many of the magazines you know and love).   I learned interesting facts like: 90% of the steel used to construct the building comes from recycled materials, and the ice fall water sculpture at the entrance of the building uses recycled rain water, and helps to humidify in the Winter and cool in the Summer!  

 (photo credit: business insider)

Although seeing the ins and outs of the building was fun, I’d have to say the “icing on the cake” was visiting The Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI).

(photo credit: Inhabitat)

The GHRI is exactly what you would picture it to be: a sprawling floor featuring different labs to test everything from beauty products to treadmills! There are also test kitchens to create recipes that appear in the magazine, and the Good Housekeeping dining room which has been host to many famous dignitaries, including first ladies and presidents!  If you are going to be in the NY area, GHRI offers monthly tours.  To learn more about GHRI and how YOU can take a tour, click here: Good Housekeeping Research Institute Lab Tour

I then had the pleasure of meeting with the Editor-in-Chief, Associate Publisher, and Marketing Director of HGTV Magazine.  We had a lovely time chatting about all things blogs, design, and shopping! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and appreciate the HGTV team taking time from their busy schedules to meet with me.

On my way home, I got to look through copies of HGTV magazine that were given to me (full disclosure: I had never read it before – like most moms, I’m lucky if I have time to read my kids a book)!  I was pleasantly surprised!  The magazine is colorful, refreshing and completely inspiring (I literally wanted to get home and decoupage something)!

To check out HGTV Magazine and / or purchase a subscription (great gift idea for any HGTV / design lover) click here: HGTV Magazine

Thank you HGTV for a wonderful day and experience, and thank you to my readers for voting for me! 

Birthday in a Box

Can’t be with a friend or family member on their birthday? No problem! Send them this adorable birthday kit from Cheryl’s Cookies!

The gift tin comes with a delicious chocolate (or lemon) cake, 24 candles, and a $5 reward to use on a future purchase.

It is only $9.99 delivered – check it out here: Chocolate Birthday Gracelet Greeting

Key Smart

Keep your keys organized with this helpful gadget!

Keysmart takes your messy key ring and transforms it into one sleek item:

Keysmart can hold between 2 and 50 keys, comes in many different colors, and starts at $19.98.

Check it out here: Key Smart Key Ring Organizer

Porcelain Pups

Looking for a cute housewarming gift for a dog lover? Check out these porcelain puppy dishes from C. Wonder.

Each dish is gold rimmed, and is perfect for serving food, keeping jewelry or simply for decoration.

They come in the following breeds: French Bulldog, Beagle, Dachshund, and Pug, and are $38

Check them out here: C. Wonder Porcelain Puppy Dish 


Can’t wait for the Apple Watch to come out? Then check out the Pebble  to hold you over!

Pebble works with both android and ios devices, and allows you to link your phone and get alerts, apps, and more right on your wrist!

The Pebble starts at $150, and you can check it out here: Pebble Smart Watch

Modern Moose

Could these clocks BE any cuter?! I was lucky enough to check them out in person at the Gift Show, and they truly are pieces of art!

Modern Moose Clocks are made in the US and use birch plywood and non-toxic water based ink in their designs.

They start around $40, and come in a ton of adorable animals and characters!

Check them all out here: Modern Moose: Produced in Mass not Mass Produced

NY Now’s Best Blog Competition

I just received the news that I won NY Now’s Best Blog Competition!

I would just like to thank each and every one of you that took the time to vote, share, or tweet your support for Gift Mama!

It really means so much to me!  As a result, I will be visiting HGTV’s magazine headquarters and meeting with one of the editors!

I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Thanks again for your support!