Beer Keeper

Give him some place to keep all of those bottle tops, with this cool shadow box!

It is $85, and also comes in a wine version ($145).

Check it out here: Keep Calm and Have a Beer Shadow Box



This is definitely one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” products!  Introducing the Sholdit – an adorable scarf that ALSO holds your belongings!

It comes in a variety of colors, and has secret compartments so you can keep your phone, lipstick, etc.  It is basically a purse for around your neck (or across your body)!

They are around $40, and can be found here: Sholdit: the scarf that holds it all

LexyPexy and Ask (another) Mama

If you have an infant, then welcome to your new obsession: LexyPexy

Made out of organic Vermont (maple) wood, these teethers are not only non-toxic – they are super chic and adorable!

I was lucky enough to be sent “The Ava” (which resembles a Chanel bag), and my daughter loves it!  Of course, she puts just about everything in her mouth, so at least this is one thing I can feel good about (and know that it is safe)!

Pictured above:  The Ava, The Leo, The Gavin, and The Everly – how cute are the names?  They are $19 each and can be found here: LexyPexy Eco Chic Baby

We were lucky enough to get some insight into the mama behind the brand, Alexis Spadaro, and here is what she had to say:

1. Tell us a little bit about your brand – what made you want to create it / was there a defining moment that made you realize that you could do this better then what is already on the market?

Lexypexy products, were borne out of the practical and fashionable void around ‘the eco chic baby’. As I’ve developed into a more discerning consumer with regard to chemicals in everyday products, I’ve become more aware of some of the dangers in plastics as well. The result was the creation of a product that provides a safe alternative. Naturally the organic revolution has reached the baby product industry, but the items on the market were simply functional and not fashionable. Overcoming this required some thinking outside the box of the traditional products, but in doing so I discovered that ‘ecofriendly’ can be cool too! With Lexypexy I’m trying to bring in a contemporary twist and hopefully reach a mom who may have passed on wood previously.  I’d have to say my defining moment came when I realized not only was there a void but also that a little bit of innovation could create a whole new niche in the market place and slather it with panache. 

2. Now, this is called “Ask (another) Mama”, but I was surprised to learn that you aren’t a mama (yet)! What motivated you to create a line of children’s teethers?

Yes, I’m working on that!  The truth is that I’m one of those people who’s always saying “why didn’t I think of that!”  This time I found myself saying “why doesn’t this exist?”  So, I took the grassroots approach to learning ‘everything you’re taught in business school’ and made it happen.  It’s been challenging of course but I’ve enjoyed every minute of the process of opening my own company.  In fact, I’m actually still in shock that my idea has become a reality.  I still don’t feel like I’ve completed the journey to be labeled an entrepreneur….but I’m working on it. 

3. Where does the name Lexypexy come from?

Well, my name is Alexis but my closest friends and family call me all sorts of variations: Lex, Lexy, and of course Lexypexy.  So when I came up with the idea of starting this product line I considered a few other names but kept coming back to Lexypexy.  It was just a natural fit.

4. Where do you see Lexypexy in five years?

I would love for Lexypexy to be found in stores across America (fingers crossed!) and perhaps even internationally by then.  My goal from the start has been to grow the brand beyond just teethers and toys into a range of organic baby products as well as a clothing line to fit the demands of forward-thinking parents.  Whatever it is, I hope to keep it chic. 

5. What is your “go-to” gift?

I don’t have a particular “go-to” gift but I tend to lean toward practical items and I’m always changing with the times. I can tell you the last gift I gave which was a car window shade for my friend’s baby.


Fruit Bunny

HOW cute is this?? With all of the chocolate and treats out there during this time of the year, I thought this fruit bunny was refreshing (and healthy)!

I found this on Worth Pinning – an inspiring DIY blog filled with super cute and crafty ideas!

This would definitely get people’s attention if you served this or brought this to a party!

Check out the full tutorial here: Bunny Fruit Platter 



This watch should definitely be on your radar (or at least on your Father’s Day gift list)!

Carbon, by EnergyBionics, not only looks sleek – it CHARGES your phone! Simply attach the cord from the watch to your phone to get some extra juice when you are running low.

It is currently $130 on KickStarter (and is almost funded).

Check it out here:  Carbon – the watch that charges your smartphone.

Love You

Keep those monsters at bay with this adorable night light!

It is handmade in Chicago, comes in neon yellow or neon pink, and is $26.

Check it out here: Love You Night Light

Bathtub Bakery

‘Tis the Season for PEEPS!  But these aren’t your typical marshmallow peeps – they may SMELL like marshmallow, but they are actually made out of SOAP ($6)!

The Bathtub Bakery (located in Washington), makes all kinds of delicious creations that smell yummy, but won’t add pounds to your waistline!

Pictured above: Chocolate Frosted Donut ($5), Waffle Heart Strawberry Sandwich ($6), Cinnamon Roll ($6.50), and my personal fave Peanut Butter Cups ($6)!

Check out all of the yummy soapy creations here: The Bathtub Bakery


Slantshack Jerky

Beef Jerky lover in your life?  Then they must try SlantShack Jerky!

Created by nine friends in NYC, SlantShack serves up 100% grass fed beef jerky that comes in a variety of different flavors (maple syrup, anyone?).

They also offer a jerky-of-the-month club (4 months = $179).  I know it’s a ways off, but I think this would make an excellent Father’s Day gift!

Check out all that they offer (including build-your-own jerky) here: SlantShack Jerky

*Photo Credit: Blog Vermont


Baby Booties

HOW cute are these?!!  I found these on Etsy – and I wish I would have known about them for my baby! Unfortunately, she is too big now.  

These adorable Baby Boat Shoes come in 11 different colors, and are $23.  They range in size from 0 – 9 months.

The same Etsy store (Whistle & Ivy) also makes these super cute gladiator sandals:

These come in five different color combinations, and are $23.

Check them out here: Hand Knit Gladiator Sandals

Sweaty Betty

I was walking around SoHo yesterday, and stumbled upon a brand that is new to me – so of course, I have to share!

Sweaty Betty (how CUTE is the name) is a brand that centers around workout clothing (think lululemon but with an edge).  It started in 1998 in England, and they are slowly rolling out stores in the US.

The price point is a bit higher then lulu, but they have some cute pieces that would make an adorable addition to any dancer / yogi’s collection.

Check out the entire line here: Sweaty Betty

*Photo Credit: Business Insider