Cookies Every Night

You read that correctly, but let me say it again: Cookies EVERY night – who wouldn’t want THAT as a gift?!

These aren’t just any cookies, they are carefully selected cookies by the indie food site Mouth.  Mouth is an awesome site that features food made by people – not large companies.

They have a few awesome subscriptions, but I am particularly fond of Cookies every Night: at least 30 delicious cookies arrive every month! A 3 month subscription is $180.  Check it out here: Cookies Every Night

Phone Soap

Calling all GERM-a-Phobes!  The days of sanitizing / wiping your cell phone clean are over.

Introducing Phone Soap – the only universal cell phone charger, that cleans while it is charging!

Review:  we actually just got one of these, and it does NOT disappoint!  I was constantly wiping my phone down, and worrying that I was ruining the finish / coating on it.  Well, with phone soap – I pop my phone in, and 4 minutes later I have a clean, bacteria-free phone!

This awesome UV sanitizer is $49.95, comes in black or white, and can be found here: Phone Soap UV Sanitzer



It’s the holiday season…which means we will all be in need of those grab and go host / hostess gifts!

I came across these monogrammed cheese boards at Willams-Sonoma the other day, and I think they will do the trick!

Hot stamped with a single letter, the maple cutting board also comes with a teak spreader.

And, for $25 you can’t beat the price!  Check them out here: Monogrammed Cheese Boards


Warm and Stylish

Keep your hands toasty warm while looking stylish? Yes, please!

Not only do these Kate Spade gloves have an adorable “ring” built in, they also have touch sensitive technology allowing you to use your phone/tablet with the gloves on!

They are $78 (I have yet to see them on sale).

Check them out here: Kate Spade NY Ring Knit Tech Gloves



Black & White Cookie (hold the white)


I was recently introduced to Bergers Cookies, and let me tell you, my life will NEVER be the same!  These may look like your average cookie…but they are anything but!

For those of you who are a fan of the Black & White cookie…picture an entire cookie made JUST from the chocolate side!

Unfortunately, they are only available in the MD / DC area, but they are now available online (and I plan on placing my order SOON)! They come in cute retro tins for the holidays (2lbs for $20.99).

Check them out here: Bergers Cookies – trust me -you will instantly fall in love this Baltimore staple!!!


Vintage Chic

I received the Mark & Graham catalog the other day, and I absolutely fell in love with the Opera Wallet (pictured above). It reminds me of an updated version of something my grandma would carry back in the day. 🙂

It is the perfect size for a night out on the town, comes in a bunch of different colors, and includes free personalization.

The Opera Wallet is $75