What Dad Wants – Guest Post!

I’ve been posting a bunch of ideas for Father’s Day, but I wanted to go right to the source and get some ideas straight from a Dad!  I asked my friend, Men’s Gift Editor at Gifts.com Dan Tower what HE would want for Father’s Day, and here’s what he had to say:

Gift Block (n) A usually temporary psychological inability to begin the process of or actually purchasing a gift for someone.

As a Gift Editor, it’s my job to help people get over Gift Block. So when the tables are turned, and I’m asked what gifts I’d like to receive, I usually go a little deer in the headlights.

Thankfully and gratefully, without any major hints, my wife and family annually nail Father’s Day (XBOX last year!). But if I had to come up with a few gift ideas, from a guy’s perspective, gifts I think are really cool and would love to get, I’d have to go with these gems.

One I simply am in awe over is The Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt. Guys love to cook meat and veggies over an open flame. It’s a (un)proven scientific fact. So I love The Pit Boss as it’s basically the equivalent of Batman’s utility belt, but for guy’s who love to grill. The belt holds everything I need to get my grill on- including a drink holder, bottle opener and smartphone pocket. It’s an Alpha Gift of the highest magnitude.  The Pitboss BBQ Tool Belt

Over the last year or so, I’ve really started to experiment and seek out great craft beers.  So finally, I’m ready to dip a toe into the growler pool. So many bars and beer sellers are selling by the growler, so I’d love to get my own. The “Portland” growler from Red Enevelope is pretty sweet. It’s a classic design with a simple monogram. But here’s my tip to make this great gift better…hint, hint…gift the growler filled with an IPA I haven’t tried before. Gifting synergy! Portland Growler

Lastly, I’ve wanted a pair of Nike iD shoes forever! Nike iD products are customizable Nike sneakers and gear. One of my favorite shoes of all time is the Nike Dunk Low. It would be so cool to make a one-of-a-kind pair of Dunks! It wouldn’t be easy to decide from all the color options, but someone I know I could come up with a sweet pair of unique dunks that I’d enjoy for a long time. Nike Dunk Low iD


About Dan Tower: Men’s Gift Editor – Gifts.com

As the Men’s Gift Editor for Gifts.com, Dan is fortunate to be able to blend his work week with off-hour hobbies. Dan’s background in retail marketing goes back well over a decade. But, he has always been passionate about the “guy” things like sports, electronics and grilling. Dan enjoys helping people feel as good giving gifts as they do getting them. Dan has appeared on Morning Blend, Daily Buzz, CNN and many more.

Currently, Dan is busy finding the best of the best for dad’s big day. Whether it’s his Top 30 of 2013 or a Celeb-Inspired Dad gift list, Dan is always on the lookout for great gifts for Father’s Day that dad’s will not stuff in the back of his sock drawer.



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