Trunk Club

Want your man to step up his fashion game? Then get him a gift certificate to Trunk Club: a personal shopping and stylist service.

Trunk club works with your man to define his style and then ships him complete outfits ready to wear!

There are no membership fees, no shipping or returning fees – they send him the clothes and he has 10 days to decide what to keep and what to return.  Simply pay for what you keep – what a great idea!

Check it out here: Trunk Club 


Boston Love

I absolutely  love this company:  Sisters of Los Angeles – they create unique glassware sets with different city names printed in organic ink (New York, LA, San Fran, Las Vegas).

They recently launched their Boston Set to benefit the Erika Brannock Fund (one of the surviving victims of the Boston Marathon attack).

From their site:

“Erika had traveled to Boston to see her mother run the Boston Marathon. This 29-year-old schoolteacher from Towson, Maryland suffered extreme injuries including the amputation of part of her left leg.  $15 from the purchase price of each set of Boston Rocks Glasses from our site will be donated to this fund. We thank you in advance for supporting SoLA with its efforts to support Erika’s recovery.”

The set is $44, and you can check it out here: Rocks Glasses Boston Set


Pretty Pillow

I love these dainty / girly pillows from Craftsbury Kids!

Simply send in a photo, pick your colors and personalization choices (monogram,name,etc) and they will send you back a beautiful custom pillow with your loved one’s silhouette on it!

The pillow is $80, and can be found here: Craftsbury Kids Silhouette Pillow


April is Autism Awareness month, and if you know anyone affected by Autism – this hope necklace would make a beautiful gift.

Made by The I Dream of Jeanne Studio on Etsy, the Autism Awareness necklace is made out of sterling silver and is completely customizable.

It is $35, and can be found here: Autism Awareness Necklace.


Carefree and Ask (another) Mama

What do you get when you combine organic ingredients with no preservatives, BPA-free packaging at an affordable price-point? Mix that all together and you get Carefree Organics, a brand new skincare line that I am obsessed with!

Carefree Organics was created by a couple who was sick of learning that even the most “natural” products had un-wanted STUFF in it.  So, they decided to create their own line!

I was lucky enough to try a few samples, and I must say – the products do not disappoint!  The line features luxurious face creams, creamy body lotions, nourishing lip balms, scrubs, and even products for expecting mamas and babies!  My two faves from what I got to try were the 3-in-1 Eco Acai Scrub (super fine – not irritating like most scrubs) and the Loving Lip Lotion (creamy and moisturizing – not greasy).

And now for the best part – the price!  Typically, when you think organic you think expensive – but think again! Products range from $5 – $15, and they will even make up samples for you (great party favor idea)!!!

ASK (another) MAMA

I love hearing a fellow Mompreneur’s story, so I decided to turn the tables and ask Rebecca the creator of Carefree Organics a few questions.

1. You have two beautiful boys, what is your favorite part about being a Mama?

Thank you… and that’s not an easy one to answer!  There’s just too much to love… but I’d have to say the unconditional love you give (and receive!) blows you away.  Your heart is capable of something you never imagined and I feel like they’ve completed me-as if my whole life was a preparation for this HUGE role right now.  The hugs and smiles aren’t so bad either;)

2. What do you find to be the most challenging part of being a Mama? 

Oh boy so so many challenges daily because you never know what to expect!  You have good days, and not so good days based on so many different factors.  I guess time management, and at times making big decisions for the boys is the toughest part.  A lot of fears come with being a Mama as well!

3. Tell us a little bit about your brand – what made you want to create it / was there a defining moment that made you realize you could do this and do it better (than what is out there)?

Carefree Organics is a 100% organic, preservative-free, safe, affordable skin care line for the ENTIRE family!  I’m so proud of this line because it’s something we, as a family, believe in and I can see that we’re helping others as well.  I’ve always had an interest in skin care, and formerly worked as a skin care consultant at a celebrity fave spa in NYC.  When having children was on the radar my husband and I got very much interested in organic everything, and wanted only the best, chemical-free food and products for ourselves and our future children.  Research shows that it’s not only what we ingest, but also what we put ON our skin that can be harmful.  Too many skin care lines, even natural ones, still contain unsafe preservatives.  We wanted to do something different and be honest about it.  My husband initially had the idea, and when I came around to realize it was doable (and fun!) I got REALLY into it.  I don’t know of another line out there that is 100% organic and preservative-free due to their water content that requires some sort of preservative, so I guess that is our most unique quality.  Aside from that, we’ve learned that these amazing ingredients are also EFFECTIVE and pretty luxurious!

4. I know both you and your husband are involved in the company – how has it been working together?

Hehe, isn’t THAT a loaded question:)  While stressful at times, it actually has been going better than anticipated.  I think it works because we’ve each taken on different roles within the company.  I’ve taken over the formulating, bottling, writing, and PR work while he does the website, packaging, advertising, and problem-solving when we hit an obstacle!  He’s trusted my judgement in most ideas and opinions, since this is right up my alley

5. Where would you like to see Carefree Organics in 5 years?

I would love for us to continue to grow, and use our unique products and fan base to really build a name for ourselves in the industry, and eventually have our products made outside of the home.  I’ve also toyed with the dream of getting my esthetician license and having our own spa using only Carefree products. Being in more stores would be amazing as well.  With growth comes more freedom and more opportunities-such as making sunscreen and other things that require extensive (and expensive!) FDA-testing.  I’d love to build the brand for the kids!

6.  And finally, what is your “go-to” gift (can be for kids bday party, or host/hostess gift,etc)?

I love surprising hostesses of parties with fresh flowers!  I think it’s unique and always puts a surprised smile on their face.  When appropriate, pairing that with a bottle of wine is always a winner.  As for kids, I just look at my toddler’s interests and go from there (currently any and all vehicles!!), and I can’t ever resist a cute girly outfit for a princess of honor!

Monogrammed Mugs

I love a monogrammed gift – and there are so many great products out there! A mug is a great gift to pair with just about anything (hot cocoa, favorite coffee, cookies, etc).

Here are four of my favorites, PLUS see below for a DIY monogrammed mug tutorial that is super easy!

Clockwise from the top left:

1. C Wonder Monogram Mug: each letter comes in a different color / pattern: $10

2. Anthropologie Monogram Mug: classic black and white: $6

3. Rhinestone Monogram Mug: a little bling with your joe: $18.95

4. Swoozie’s Personalized Patterned Mug: truly customizable with tons of patterns to choose from: $19.95



This is a great tutorial from Design Mom on how to create your own Monogrammed Mug collection!

Check it out here: Design Mom’s DIY Monogrammed Mug Tutorial

To Go

Want to send a “pick-me-up” to the health nut in your life? Obviously, cookies or cake won’t cut it – but Go Bites will!!!

Go Bites is a delicious blend of organic fruit and nuts portioned into snack packs – perfect to take on the go!

Sign your pal up for a subscription plan, or send a gift box (14 GoBites for $33.99)!

Check out all of the delicious flavors and combos here: Go Bites: Whole Snacks Delivered


Anyone with kids will use and appreciate this gift!

Pictured above is the Swoop Bag: “the ultimate, modern toy storage bag + playmat in one.”

It is perfect for the ever-growing car, train, or block collection! It is 44 inches in diameter and comes in 12 different colors – it retails for $48.  There is also a Swoop Mini (16″ in diameter) that retails for $28.

Check out the entire collection here: Swoop Bags

Fro Yo

Looking for a gift for the ice cream / frozen yogurt lover in your life? Check out Yonanas – the HEALTHY ice cream treat maker!

Simply put frozen bananas, along with any other fruit, chocolate,etc down the chute and out pops delicious and low cal “ice cream” – no milk or cream required!

It is $49.86, and you can check it out here:  Yonanas Ice Cream Treat Maker


Kiddie Art

Personalized gifts are always thoughtful – especially for kids!  I love this Alphabet Name Poster by Alley Kids, and I also love the price! An 11×14 print is $23 (not framed).

Alley Kids has all sorts of wall art for babies and children – here is another one of my faves:

The You Light Up My Life Print is $23 for an 11×14 print and also comes in other sizes.

Check out all of the adorable AK prints here: Alley Kids