Coloring Cuties

I stumbled upon these cuties on Etsy – Crayons – in just about ANY shape you can imagine!

Red Elm Designs creates non-toxic crayons in hundreds of shapes!  Hearts, Bears, Fish, Stars, Cupcakes…you name it – they probably have a crayon for it!

They start at $5 (and up), and make an adorable gift / party favor!

Check them out here: Red Elm Designs Non-Toxic Crayons


Spring Cookie

‘Tis the season for Macaroons – and these look DELICIOUS!

Made in NY, Danny Macaroons come in a variety of flavors: Dulce de Leche, Chocolate Dipped, Salted Carmel, Red Velvet (and lots more).  They are gluten and preservative free and are $15 for a pack of 6.

Perfect treat to bring to a Passover Seder (or anytime)!

Check out all of the flavors here: Danny Macaroons

*Photo Credit: NY Mouth


Easter Buckets

How cute are these? I stumbled upon these personalized buckets on Etsy, and I love that they can be re-purposed long after Easter!

Here is another one of my faves:

The buckets are $22 – she also has other adorable monogrammed products for kids and adults! Check them out here: Chic Monogram

Spring Cleaning

Spring is here (finally)!  That means it’s time to get organized – and – if you have kids, you KNOW how quickly all of their STUFF can become a mess and snowball out of control.  I’ve put together some of my favorite kid’s products to help get organized!  Clockwise:

1. 3 Sprouts Wall Organizer:  Perfect for hanging over the door and keeping all of those small items: art work, diapers, small toys,etc.  Comes in Giraffe, Crocodile, and Flamingo.  $25.99

2. Dotted Floor Bin:  Why should bins / baskets be boring? These adorable polka dot bins will help hold toys, shoes,laundry and look good doing it! They are $29, and would even make a great container to hold a gift!

3. Colorful Clothing Tree:  This whimsical tree will add a punch to any room! It’s a bit of a splurge ($109), but would make an awesome gift for a 3-6 year old!

4.  Personalized Hair Bow Organizer:  This Rapunzel doll will keep all of those bows and clips in one place! Great gift for a little girl – the bow can be personalized with the little girl’s name! They are $34.50 and come in different hair colors to resemble the little girl!

5. Days of the Week Closet Organizer:  If your little one is starting to show an interest in picking their clothes, then this product is for you! Pick out all of their clothes ahead of time and place in the appropriate day so all they have to do is put them on! $29.95

6.  Lego Boxes:  Put your toys IN a toy with these colorful lego boxes! The BPA-free boxes come in a few different shapes and sizes, and start at $4.99.

State Boards

Jersey Strong? Love the Golden State, or know a Georgia Peach? Then check out these awesome state cutting boards by A.Heirloom.

Each board is made (in the US) from renewable bamboo, can be engraved, and retails for $48.

Check them out here:  A.Heirloom Custom State Cutting Boards

Stamp it!

Now you can put a personal touch on your baked goods, with My Cookie Stamp!  Create your own personalized stamp with a monogram, full names, sayings,etc.

This is a great gift for the avid baker in your life!

The stamps start at $49, and you can check them out here: My Cookie Stamp

Baby Fans

Finally! A site that has it all – well, when it comes to sports apparel for kids at least!

Baby Fans has all of your (pint-sized) sports needs – from baseball, to football, basketball, and even college teams!

It’s so refreshing to have all of this on one site – and, they have a GREAT selection! Sizes range from newborn to toddler, and all of the merchandise is fully licensed.

Check it out  here: Baby Fans

Pregger Friendly

Need to bring something to an expectant mama’s house? Check out Fre Wines – alcohol free wine that actually TASTES like wine!

Nine months is a long time to not have a glass of vino- Fre Wines enables mamas to-be to indulge without the buzz!  They come in six different varieties, and are around $6-$10 per bottle.

Check it out here: Fre Wine




Sometimes an edible gift is the perfect way to let someone know you are thinking of them. There are so many food / gift companies out there, but none look quite as homemade as these delicious breads by Breadwinner.

Breadwinner is based in Atlanta, and they create all natural sweet breads that look like you made them yourself!  They have a beautiful presentation and awesome flavors (that change seasonally). The one pictured above is Cranberry Orange Bread.


You can send 1-4 loafs, and they even have a bread of the month club!  Prices range from $15-$56. Check out all of the yuminess here:

Breadwinner Sweet Homemade Breads




Freezy Pup

I know I’m a little ahead of myself (for those of us that live in a place where it is still cold), but this is an adorable idea for anyone with a dog!

Freezy pups is the frozen treat that you make at home and feel GOOD about giving to your pooch.  The ingredients are all natural and organic, and the packaging is made out of recyclable material.   If you’ve ever bought ice cream for your pup (it does exist) – the ingredients list is a mile long!

With freezy pups, you simply mix the packet with water, pour into the tray, freeze, and feel good about what you’re giving to your dog!

Freezy Pups Delicious Frozen Treats for Dogs