Photo Cube

In the market for a new baby gift? I am LOVING these photo cubes by Shutterfly!

The solid wood cubes have a spot for 4 laminated pics, and can be personalized as a birth announcement (or with just the child’s initial).

They also have a version for older children and for the holidays!

The cubes are $24.99, and you can check them out here:

Bike Glow

Have a bike enthusiast in your life? Then check out the Bike Glow Safety Light!

The Bike Glow is a waterproof bike frame light that runs on batteries and fits any bike!

It is $24.95, comes in multiple colors and can be found here:

Bloomin’ Pumpkins

It’s my favorite time of year: the crisp weather, apple cider, pumpkins and mums!  So, if you’re in need of a host/hostess gift or just want to give someone a little (crafty) pick-me-up, why not combine two Fall favorites: Pumpkins and Mums!

The ones pictured above were created by Better Homes and Garden and this is how they suggest creating these Fall beauties:

1. Cut the heads off of Mums (any color).

2. Using a hot glue gun, glue the flowers all over the pumpkins.

You can check out the full tutorial here: BHG Flowered Pumpkins

I found these gorgeous gourds on Southern Living’s website.

They have a slightly different approach:

1. Poke holes in the pumpkins (using an awl).

2. Place the mum-stems in the holes until the pumpkin is covered.

Check out the full tutorial here: SL Flowered Pumpkins

If you attempt making either of these, let me know how they turned out (and which version you went with)!

Happy Fall!


Love her or hate her, Rachel Ray has some pretty unique items that make for great gifts.

Just like this 5-Piece Double Decker Party Box Set, which is perfect for taking to a  party or picnic.  The set includes a double decker thermal carrier which allows you to transport both hot and cold food.  It also comes with a deviled egg carrier, and a divided snack tray (perfect for dips) with a lid!

It comes in orange, red and blue and is $39.99


Inform your guests, and let them know exactly what vino is being served with these adorable Slate Bottle Tags.

Each tag is $9.95 and comes with it’s own piece of chalk (and holder).

Great Host/Hostess Gift!

Butterscotch Blankees

Unwrap this giant piece of “candy” to find a cozy (and personalized) treat!

Inside one of Butterscotch Blankees beautiful gold wrapping, is a gorgeous monogrammed stroller blanket:

They come in many different varieties (colors, names, monograms). The one pictured above is the Classic Personalized Stroller Blanket with Monogram.

They are $56, and can be found here:

*For an even MORE luxurious gift, you can order any of the stroller blankets in cashmere (for an additional $160).

Candy Corn

I was debating if this was post “worthy” – but I figured why NOT?!

It’s Fall and if you’re looking for a cute / simple / quick treat to bring to a friend’s house…fill up a cute fall-themed candy jar with goodies (such as candy corn)!

This one happens to be from Walmart – it was under $5 – I think the entire “gift” – jar + candy came to around $7.

So, for $7 you have a sweet treat to bring to a friend!

Happy Fall!

DIY Art Board

If you have a toddler, then you know how the art projects start piling up.  I wanted a way to tastefully contain and display my child’s art work (without ruining it)…so, I decided to make a Magnetic Art Board.

I headed into Michaels to get my supplies:

1. Magnetic Board (came with 2 magnets)

2. Wooden Letters

3. Weldbond Glue (which adheres wood to metal)

4. Clip Magnets

I simply glued the letters on to the board, let it sit for 24 hours and voila! It was ready to go! We hung this in my son’s playroom so he can be proud of his work and see it every day.

This would make a great gift for anyone with children – and you can really customize it, which I love.

You can put the child’s name, or you could make this an organization board for an adult’s office.  There are a million options.

My total on this project was around $30, but you can probably do it for cheaper (the board itself was $24).

Happy Crafting!

Bootie Pies

If you have ever gotten a pedicure in the Winter, then you’ve been faced with the annoying decision: sit in the nail salon for a half an hour to let your toes dry, head out in the freezing cold wearing flip flops, OR put your boots on and ruin your polish!

Introducing: Bootie Pies – the solution to this minor (but annoying) problem! Convertible suede boots that allow your toes to breathe while the rest of your foot is toasty warm! Wear your Bootie Pies to the salon, and when it’s time to polish your toes, put them on and rest your toes on the front flap  –  VOILA – no more cold feet or smudged nails!

Bootie Pies are $68 for the low boots, and $88 for the high boots:


This may look like your average bib, but it is anything but.  A super clever mama came up with this idea, and I was lucky enough to be sent a sample so I could check it out!

Hug-a-bib not only goes around your child’s neck, it also “hugs’ them around their waist so it stays PUT.  It is especially great for babies that have Reflux / GERD (aka: a lot of spit up)!

In addition to the bib, they also make the Clippy Cloth – a burp cloth that clips onto your shoulder (and will not move)!

Both Products are $24.98, and can be found here: