On the Go

This bag is not only cute – it’s super lightweight and functional.  The Take Me Anywhere Foldable Bag, is truly a gift for everyone – or anyone that uses a bag.  The unique design allows it to fold into itself (into the front pouch):

It is $22.95 and comes in 4 different colors: http://www.wrapables.com/c62477/

Great gift for someone that likes to travel!

Run Mama Run!

After being woken at 3:30a by a toddler, and then again at 6:30a (up for the day), I definitely need a little inspiration today!

Mom’s (and dads) that work out, know just how hard it can be to fit it all in – especially with life pulling you – (and waking you) in a million different directions! 

That’s why we need to put a little “fun in our run,” which is exactly what the company  Run Pretty Far has to offer: “apparel and accessories designed to optimize the joy in your run” 

The above saying is featured on a T-shirt:

The relaxed-fit, performance tee is $28.00 and it’s exactly what I need today (some sanity)!



Introducing a new way to purify the air:  The Moso Bag.

I was introduced to these eco-friendly bamboo charcoal saks at the NYIGF, and they were nice enough to give me one to try.  I immediately put it in a musty closet, and I have slowly been noticing a difference!

How it works (from mosonatural.com):

“The carbon in each Moso Bag is self-activated to absorb and filter out harmful pollutants and odors.”

“Once a month, the Moso Bag requires one hour or more in the sun to release and disintegrate the pollutants, thus naturally rejuvenating the Moso Bag for a fresh use.”

The Moso Bag makes a great add-on to a baby (nursery) gift, hostess-gift, or pet-lover gift.

They start at $9.99: http://mosonatural.com

Comfy Boost

These may look like your ordinary cushions, but they are actually booster seats for your little ones bottom!

Created by a Seattle Mama, when her two year old refused to sit in her booster, but would use couch pillows/cushions to sit at the table (that were hard to clean).  She created Luv Chicken – the easy to clean booster cushions for kids and voila – no more clunky, plastic boosters, and happy children!

They are $45, and come in a variety of adorable patterns:


*Great gift for small spaces (apartment living)*

Last Licks

With Summer winding down, why not do one last (maybe) ice cream post!

If you have a die-hard ice cream fan in your life, then treat them to some of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

The ohio-based company will ship their all natural, unique concoctions anywhere in the US (on dry ice).

Some flavors I want to try: Brown Butter Almond Brittle, Wildberry Lavender, Salty Carmel, Goat Cheese with Red Cherries, and The Buckeye State (salty peanut butter with dark chocolate) ….they all sound delicious!

The Hats Off collection (pictured) above is $50:


Back to School

It’s that time of year (again)…WHERE did the Summer go?!?  I guess we just have to face the facts, and move forward.  SO, what better way to do so then to go shopping (hey – any excuse)!

This adorable personalized kids pencil case by Apple & Bee is a great little back to school pick me up for your kiddo. It comes with a set of letters so they can personalize it themselves!

It is $24.95, and can be found here: Pencil Case

NY Gift Fair "WRAP"- Up

I stopped by (the last day of) the New York International Gift Fair today. And, because it ended at 2pm, I was speed-walking faster then a mall walker to get to see as many booths as possible!

Here is a run-down on some of the trends:  

HOME: lots of Kitschy Housewares / Vintage Designs – saw many designers heading back to the “good ol’ days” for inspiration.

JEWELRY:  an explosion of charm necklaces (think Helen Ficalora), and many designers are now starting to create larger initial necklaces.  Also, wrap bracelets are here to stay (for now)!

KIDS: wooden toys, and toys that the child can build and help to create (which I love).

CLOTHING: one word: Bamboo – Eco Friendly Bamboo Clothing (and PJs).

USA: I saw a lot of brands that were made in the US of A, and were proud of it!

Overall, I met a ton of super artistic and talented people, and I can’t wait to share them with you and highlight their brands in the months to come! 

I Heart Fido

Another brand that stood out to me at the NYIGF, was Romy+Jacob – a funky line of dog clothing and accessories.  

I absolutely love their collection for dog owners, such as the pillow pictured above.  It comes in many different colors, a tote bag, and it even comes in French (pictured below):

The pillows are $54.99, and can be found here:

I Love Dogs Pillow

Custom Bliss

Another great find from the NYIGF this week – custom art work inspired by your wedding (or new baby).

Alexander & Co will enter in all of the important details (location, names, date) and create a beautiful custom piece of artwork that represents your special day.

They also make adorable baby and children versions:

Framed prints start at $250 (depending on the size) and go up to around $500.

Check them out: http://customalexander.com

NY International Gift Fair – Part 1

I was able to stop by the NYIGF yesterday, and it did not disappoint.  The show was only partially open, but there were definitely some brands that stood out.   

Here are a few of my faves (that you will hear more about in the future):

1. Urban Junket:  a great line of products, including rechargeable bags that come with a battery pack so you can charge all of your gadgets on the go!

2. Moso Natural Bags:  Naturally helps to remove odors in your home (or office, or car) by using Bamboo Charcoal! 

3. Island Dog Design:  Eco-Friendly Dog Beds, that are not only good for your pup, they look awesome too!

These are just a few of my favorites (so far).  I’ll be heading back to the NYIGF this week, to find more interesting and unique products!

Happy Gifting!! 🙂