One of my Faves…for New Mamas

This frame was given to us when my son was born.  It is a simple concept, and maybe it was the hormones, but I think I cried when I opened it, and thought was the most thoughtful gift we had received!  And now  – I’m obsessed, and it’s one of my go-to gifts for new Mamas.

The New Arrival© Personalized Baby Frame from is not only adorable, but thoughtful and creative too!  You’re not just giving a frame, you are etching in all of the babies important stats  / details from when they were born – and, to a new Mama – this means a lot!  You need to have all of the new babies info – name, date of birth, weight, parents name, etc and make sure it is all correct (I proof this 20 times when I am sending bc the thought of getting it wrong is so upsetting)!

The frame comes in Blue or Pink with a few different border options.  It is usually: $24.95 (but is currently on sale for $18.70)

This is a small but thoughtful way to welcome a new bundle of joy into the world!


Let them CHEW!

It’s OK to let your little one gnaw away on these colorful beads!  Chewbeads not only LOOK great, they are functional for those mama’s with teething little ones!

Created by a mama, Chewbeads make a great gift for mamas-to-be, or new mamas!

The beads are 100% Silicone and made with non toxic ingredients – they are also dishwasher safe, and the babies LOVE them!  My son is obsessed with my Chewbeads bracelet – and, it is one piece of Jewelry I feel GOOD about letting him chew on!

*This is a great gift to give a new Mama that you can pair with a gift for the baby -as you know, its nice for the Mama’s to get a gift every now and then!

The collection consists of bracelets, and necklaces – prices start at $11.50

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.


Men have Skin Too!

And, they often neglect it!!!

Now, I’m not gonna lie – MEN are MUCH harder to shop for then women!  I mean how many gadgets can you buy?

That’s usually when I start thinking of “experience” gifts or a gift card, but I must say if the man in your life doesn’t mind a little pampering (or has never tried it), then this is a great gift for him!  Even if he only owns deodorant and hair gel, get him started and introduce him to a little luxury!

This particular set retails for $50 and includes:

Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash (8.4oz)

Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream –White Eagle (5.0oz)

Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment for Men (2.5oz)

“Ultimate Man” Body Scrub Soap (3.2oz)

Lip Balm #1 (0.5oz)

Ultimate Strength Hand Salve (1.0oz)

Kiehl’s men’s line is classic, and makes a great birthday, holiday, anniversary, or valentine’s day gift for that man in your life.

You can purchase Kiehl’s at most department stores, or

Cookies are NOT just for Kids!

Elenis of NYC make cookies for ALL occasions.  House warming, Tea party, Baby shower, Wedding, Birthday, and Get well – just to name a few.  My personal favorite  – The Dog Park collection (see below)

They are almost too cute to eat!  These were given to me by my husband FROM our dogs for my first “doggie” Mother’s Day.

Cookies are a sweet and delicious way to say I’m thinking about you

Not only do Elenis LOOK good – they are the best butter cookies I have ever had!

This is definitely an all ages gift.

Price:  Gift boxes start around $25 +


Give the Gift of Clean Skin

The Clarisonic Mia makes a GREAT gift for any “skin concious” man or woman.  I absolutely LOVE my Mia – especially if you live in a city environment, or you have been around a lot of dust, this is a product that will really clean out those pores! This is like having your very own esthetician in your shower!

This gift is great for all ages – I’d say ages 16 years +…

We gave the Mia to my Mother-in-Law for her birthday, and she is constantly raving about it!  After hearing how much she loved the Mia, I had to run out and get my own! They come in a bunch of fun colors, and make a thoughtful gift for any (man or) woman that likes to pamper his or her skin!

Price:  $119 (but look online for coupon codes and other stores that sell them to get the best price).